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The Pixel Shop and Birchmark create a system that drives serious results for Volvo
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Connecting companies with world class vehicles

A-plan is Volvo's employee pricing program, providing employees of Volvo's corporate partners with signigicant savings on new vehicles. In partnership with our friends at Birchmark, we were asked to do a complete overhaul of the back-end system that powers the program, as well as a redesign and rebuild of their member experience. Overtime, this project has grown and become not just a membership program, but also a sales tool for Volvo's retailers and corporate users.
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A back-end system which gives administrators a high degree of control

The new A-plan back-end gives administrators a high degree of control over promotions, car models and partner management. Along with a new front-facing wesbite, The Pixel Shop created a system with a login where clients are able to generate and redeem discount pins.

These changes have increased the number of pins generated by 100% every year, and the system is now responsible for 10% of all Volvo sales in the US.
Features implemented

Features implemented

  • Generic API can be used for a variety of partners including car brokerage and dealership websites
  • Inbound integration with ERP system allows for lifecycle reporting of generated pin codes
  • Outbound integrations with CRM and lead distribution systems
  • A Comprehensive suite of reporting tools that allow the clients to easily track leads and sales
  • Complex and custom workflows 
  • Sign in interface with different levels of access and permission
  • Kentico integrated email marketing platform


project notes



The Pixel Shop provided a total rebuild of the A-plan experience, introducing new membership level specific content, promotion pages and a new admin portal for dealers and agents to access and validate promotion info and codes. An intuitive CMS allows users to create and manage content quickly and easily. The Pixel Shop has developed an ongoing relationship with Birchmark and Volvo, and continues to maintain and expand the growing A-plan system.


Working with a global brand like Volvo requires a strict adherence to guidelines and conventions, but also the creativity to think outside the box when interpreting those rules for new applications. The A-plan system fits perfectly into the Volvo family, while keeping it’s unique user base top of mind when presenting UX and visual design solutions. A-plan is a clean and modern site, showcasing dynamic product photography and presenting valuable information in a straightforward and easy to navigate way.

project management
project management

project management

A-plan is an ongoing project with new features in constant development. There are no "final solutions" on this project. The A-plan process is an iterative one, that considers numbers, market needs and user requests to continue to provide a relevant and profitable tool for the client. For this reason project management has played  a vital role in communicating, interpreting and relaying information between the client and our internal team.

The Pixel Shop's strategy has always been to provide high-quality solutions, adhere to the client's requirements and deliver quickly and effectively.

Creating innovative solutions that translate to real results for Volvo

At the onset of this project, the goal was to develop a simple benefits management system for Volvo's partner companies. Over time this system has gained traction and internal visibility, and developed into a strategic sales tool for Volvo. Sales coming from A-plan currently represent 10% of Volvo's total year-round sales in the US, and this number is still growing.

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