The Cloud

Understand the hosting
Understand the hosting

Understand the hosting

Most of you have probably heard about the term “Hosting in the Cloud” or just “The Cloud”
I have to tell you the truth. Nothing in the sky will host your site, nor any cloud shaped as a computer for you to access. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. The cloud is fantastic and very powerful. In this article, I will readily show you more about it.

The cloud is someone else computer. However, it is not as simple as it looks to be. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), for example, provide a good variety of products and services that makes our lives easier.
You probably have already seen in movies or pictures an image of a big IT center with many servers (computers) and cables connecting them. You may have one inside your company that is smaller but still processes information, save data, and host your website.
The good news is that you needn’t have that inside your company anymore. It can be located in a data center in your country or elsewhere on the other side of the world. If your company has its data stored in those data centers, you can say that it is on the cloud.
More and more companies are now moving their servers to the cloud for the facility, price, maintainability, and reliability it provides.
With the services offered by Microsoft Azure and AWS, you can start by creating a server and a database to host your site and end up creating complex solutions with a firewall, Active Directory, VPN tunnels, auto-scaling, backups, redundancy, and much more.
If all of that sounds interesting to you and you would like more information about it, contact us in the link below and let the cloud be a reality in your company.