Ontario Racing - Horse Racing Offer

Ontario Racing | Horse Racing Offer

Adapting the live racing experience for an online environment
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An on- and off-track experience

The initial goal of this project was to update the user experience and visual design of the Ontario Racing Break the Routine offer page. Previous iterations of this offer had underperformed and the client was looking for a way to increase conversion. Along with convincing users to sign up for the offer, the page was meant to promote live racing and the excitement of a day at the tracks.

The launch of this project coincided with COVID-19 related regulations that restricted access to live horse-racing. The Pixel Shop team was able to pivot quickly and adapt the promotion to allow online redemption without impacting any future possibility of live wagering and promotions.


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Bringing the thrill of horse racing online

This project began with digital strategy, a UX revamp and visual redesign. After assessing the shortcomings of the previous offer page, The Pixel Shop developed a new approach to get user excited about racing, signing up for offers and ultimately redeeming offers online and at the tracks. The sign up and redemption process was streamlined, removing barriers for the user.

The visual design focused on conveying the sense of excitement and energy that comes with live racing. Bright colours, bold type and dynamic layout were meant to draw the user in. Though the offers eventually moved online due to COVID-19, it was still important to encourage the same level of engagement, and maintain the same thrill of live horse racing in an online environment.

Behind the scenes the development team worked with a complex design to create a fully responsive experience for the user. Seamless transitions between screen sizes and accommodating various languages and dynamic content ensured a good experience for a diverse set of users.

As well as a new user facing experience the back end admin was also overhauled to provide administrators easy access to promotion details and performance.

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