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A dynamic and modern user experience that easily adapts and grows with the client's needs

Food Banks Canada is a national non-profit organization that supports a network of 10 Provincial Associations and more than 500 affiliate food banks located across the country.

Launching in Fall 2018, The Pixel Shop partnered with Food Banks Canada to developed Ignite, a comprehensive knowledge sharing platform aimed at providing local food banks with the knowledge and resources needed to run their day-to-day operations and service the over 850,000 Canadians that depend on them each month.

Navigating a custom experience

Ignite is an online learning tool serving Food Banks Canada’s broad network. It is meant to facilitate connection and knowledge exchange across Canada. Creating a customizable user experience was one of the main goals of this project. Users are able to create profiles which help prioritize relevant content in their feeds. The size of the knowledge base also made clear and intuitive navigation essential to a positive and productive user experience. With the help of a powerful search and carefully structured content, users are able to find the resources they need and better engage in a cross-country community.

An evolving system

The Ignite platform was developed as an Angular application with a Kentico back-end. The user experience is fluid, dynamic and modern. It easily adapts and grows as Food Banks Canada’s needs evolve. The Pixel Shop created a modular system, structuring large amounts of varied content for easy navigation and access. Users are able to customize their experience and use powerful search, filtering and sorting tools to find relevant information. This was a solution for a broad user base with varied characteristics and needs. Ignite allows collaborators to share and look for resources and information within the FBC network.

Engaging a community

Clarity and organization were key considerations during the visual design phase. A lot of weight was given to design choices creating clear hierarchies that allow users to scan and take in large amounts of content easily. A UI system that favours a light and playful aesthetic in meant to engage users. Icons and illustrations help add personality and gamification that motivates participation.

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