Matilda's Magnolias

Matilda's Magnolia

An innovative floral service based in California's beautiful San Francisco and Bay Area.
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Changing the way people buy flowers

Matilda's Magnolias is an innovative floral service based in California's beautiful San Francisco and Bay Area that is changing the way people buy flowers. Customers purchase "Bloom Boxes", regularly curated collections of farm-fresh flowers sourced from local growers.
When this start-up required a public presence and a back-end system, it was clear that The Pixel Shop could deliver the goods; from payment processing to delivery lists to an inspiring e-commerce website. Matilda's Magnolias relies on the solid foundation developed by the Pixel Shop to keep its business growing.

As a new service, Matilda's Magnolias has had to grow and learn on the fly. The Pixel Shop is proud to be a partner that responds to new challenges and opportunities.


Inspiration on every page

The Pixel Shop worked with Matilda's Magnolias to translate their new brand onto a digital platform. Collaborating closely with the company's founders we thoughtfully created a website experience that would educate the user about a new way to buy flowers.

Whimsical illustrations and beautiful photography tell a story that draws the user in and provides inspiration for their own creations.

Creating an uncomplicated sign up and checkout process

The website's design is a balance between delighting the user, and driving account creation and subscription. Ensuring the payment and checkout process was user friendly and uncomplicated, but still secure was one of the keys to the site's success. Every part of the site and checkout process is optimized for mobile, allowing Matilda's Magnolias to reach a wider customer base.

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