SE Health | 5 Stages of Caregiving

SE Health | 5 Stages of Caregiving

Providing support and resources for caregivers
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A dynamic system tailored to users needs

The 5 Stages of caregiving, developed by SE Health, is a self-assesment tool and resource hub for caregivers.

Caregivers face a diverse set of circumstances. The 5 Stages tool is meant to empower and provide tailored experiences for every user. With the help of a self-assesment tool, the user is able to create a profile and currate content relevant to their needs and interests.

The back-end system was created in AngularJS to facilitate a dynamic tool that changes and adapts to both the client's and the user's needs.

The tool was designed and built in a modular fashion to allow greater flixibility and reuse. The tools initial success has lead SE Health to partner with third-party organizations to create multiple Caregiver Zone websites tailored to the needs of specific caregiver groups.


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